Wyv and Keep!
Wyv and Keep!
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(Windows standalone may require XNA and .NET 4.0 Frameworks)

Play locally or online!
Team up with a friend or go it alone!
Guide Wyv and Keep through 60 brain-melting puzzles - from the Amazonian jungle, through the inner sanctum of an ancient temple, and deep into an active volcano...
Discover hoardes of hidden treasure!

Dodge the deadliest of temple traps!

Fight for the fastest times!

Eat cupcakes!
Puzzle-solve your way out of the grasp of the terrifying, cannibalistic pygmy tribe... But be sure to stop by their wonderful hat shop for a viking helmet complete with beard, a witch's hat, or one of a million more!*

*not yet quite a million
Build your own fiendish levels with Wyv's simple, full-featured Cartographer!

Even sprite your own templates and put them in the game!
Featuring an amazing Amazonia-inspired 20-track original score by musical pygmy king Luke Thomas!

Check out the full album at lukethomasmusic!
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