A Jolly Corpse is a tiny games company with a simple objective: to bring the fiendishly designed puzzles, lovingly crafted worlds, and authentic pixel art of the 16-bit era to a new generation of gamers. We believe in challenging, rewarding experiences and engineer our projects with love, passion, and just a wee bit of sadism.

We don’t make “retro” games, we just build games the old-fashioned way.

Jesse Bull

Project Director, Art Director

Located in: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite games: Super Metroid, Shadow of the Colossus, EarthBound, Diablo

Beau Langston

Game Designer

Located in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite games: Twisted Metal 2, Skyrim, Team Fortress Classic, Super Mario Bros. 3

David Walton


Located in: Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite games: Starfox 64, Deus Ex, The Rockman series, Starcraft, F-Zero GX